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Broadcast Archive User Group

It  was necessary to have a comprehensive perspective and an important part of the consortium was a 10-member panel called the Broadcast Archive User Group. Three members were the principal PRESTO consortium members. The remaining seven, national public service broadcast archives from seven further EC countries, have ‘opened their books’ to the project, to let the project determine the full status and urgency of the preservation requirement, and also obtained full details of existing preservation work, plans, and costs. This User Group has played a vital role in the information gathering, and also the evaluation and dissemination aspects of the project.

The project was very serious about achieving a credible European perspective. To do so, an integral part of the project was an agreement with seven other broadcast archives (besides BBC, INA and RAI) to be formally associated with the project.

The main functions of the BAUG was

Attend full consortium meetings
Open their archives to investigation and analysis
Submit their data about holding and preservation status
Open their books re preservation projects (past, present and future)
Formally evaluate the results of the PRESTO project
Assist in dissemination activities


Finland Pekka Gronow Finnish Radio (Head, Radio archives)
The Netherlands Annemieke de Jong Netherlands Audiovisual Archive
Norway Rune Hagberg Norwegian Broadcast Archive
Austria Herbert Hayduck ORF Archive
Sweden Lassa Nilsson Swedish TV Archive
Germany Robert Fischer SWR Archive Baden-Baden
Turkey Levent Kumrulu TRT Turkish Broadcast Archive

These people and institutions have been formally involved in the discussions leading to the PRESTO proposal, and have also formally agreed to participation in the BAUG under the terms as described above.

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Preservation Technology for European Broadcast Archives